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5.-9. 6. 2023

We are sending a group of 21 professionals* from the field including curators* or dramaturgs* of festivals and theaters, artists* from the field of dance, performances to the Czech Republicer, theaters. Our goal was to create a group with different experiences, cities in which they operate,  practices and needs and expectations from international cooperation. 

bavarian _ Czech platform - photo Anezka Medova.jpg

The delegation first stopped in Pilsen, where they visited the premises of Moving Station and DEPO2015. She then moved to Prague to attend the international conference of the European Association for Independent Performing Arts. In addition, individuals* had the opportunity to visit selected Czech performances, the opening of the Prague Quadrennial, and the curatorial team of the platform organized several individual meetings for them, in which they could get to know colleagues* with similar practices from the Czech Republic. There was also a meeting with the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic.

From the summarizing parts of the short reports of the participants, we can read that the trip had a strong impact on their awareness of what is happening in the Czech Republic, that it was an important source of inspiration and gave rise to several ideas on how to translate the experience into work in the Bavarian environment. It was equally important for the participants to get to know their Bavarian colleagues*, spend time with them, learn about their activities.





Claudia Schulz, Michael Heiduk, Michaela Seifert, Jakob Jokisch, Sheila Grießhaber, Bjarne Rauer, Denise Göthel, Paulina Platzer, Jonas Dürrbeck, Christine Haas, Nastia Shtemenko, Katja Wachter, Hans-Günter Brünker, Felix Forsbach, David Luis Grimm, Daniela Aue , Evelyn Hribersek, Michael Heiduk, Christina Ruf, Julia Opitz, Axel Tangerding


The arrival of the delegation was connected with the presentation of three performances by Bavarian artists*. We mainly wanted to show the Czech audience and colleagues* from the field what contemporary live art looks like in Bavaria. With this in mind, the Bavarian party has selected performances from the fields of performance, theater and the new circus.

/VISUAL VIBRATION (Kassandra Wedel & Rosalie Wanka) – Studio ALTA

/ALIEN REALITY (Daniela Aue) – Archa Theatre

/CM_30 (Kolja Huneck) – Theater BRAVO!


note to the text: * indicates words that, although stated in the generic masculine, include persons of other genders

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